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Mixing Royal Navy Paints

My thanks to Dimitrios Apostolopoulos for originally compiling the Humbrol list, Chris Langtree for some other Humbrol suggestions, inset, and Michael Eisenstadt for the Polly Scale list. I shall be amending/adding to it from time to time (and may even add some that aren't RN, if there is a demand), so look back now & again. I know I've a description of what colours go where on ancillary equipment, but I'll have to find it first!

Michael Dunn

Royal Navy Colour

Humbrol Colour

Polly Scale (other mfrs are noted
where applicable)

507 A

H 112 Tarmac 

Night Black (RLM 22) lightened with White (RLM 21), with just a touch of C&O Enchantment Blue added to give
a bluish tinge 

507 C

H 147 Light Grey

Or try 50% H 64 Light Grey + 50% H 34 White

White (RLM 21) darkened with Night Black (RLM 22) or IJN Sky Gray straight from the bottle

507 B

H145 Medium Grey

MS 1

50% H 67 Tank Grey +
50% H 77 Navy Blue

MS 2

H 106 Ocean Grey

Aeromaster 1022, RLM 66 Schwarzgrau, lightened with
White (RLM 21)

MS 3 

H 175 Hellgrau +
a touch of H 34 White

Or try H115 Russian Blue +
a touch of H 34 White

MS 4

H 162 Surface Grey

MS 4 A

Try H 23 Duck Egg Blue +
a light grey, eg H 64

505326, Pale Blue-Gray 5-P
(straight from the bottle)

B 5

H 144 Intermediate Blue +
a touch of H 34 White

US Intermediate Blue A/N608
lightened with White (RLM 21) 

B 6


Formula : 67 drops H 34 White + 10 drops H 109WW1 Blue + 4 drops H 94 Brown Yellow + 1 drop H 25 Blue

Aeromaster 1101, French Light Gray, lightened with a bit with
White (RLM 21).  


50% H 65 Aircraft Blue +
37.5 % H 90 Beige Green +
12.5 % H 23 Duck Egg Blue

Modelmaster Acryl Hellgrun (RLM 25),
lightened with Modelmaster Acryl
Flat White.  


H 25 Blue + H 34 White

Or try H 122

Either 505248, RAAF Sky Blue straight
from the bottle (perhaps with a tiny bit of 414260 C&O Enchantment Blue), or White (RLM 21) with a bit of Aeromaster 1101, French Light Gray.  

 Light Green

H 76 Uniform Green + H 34 White


H 186 Brown +
a touch of H 34 White


H33 black + H67
approximately 3:1 




H96 + H34 white
approximately 3:1 


H144 + H34 white
approximately 5:1 



Note that some of these Humbrol colours may be hard to obtain, as several are now dis-continued.
Please note that while you can mix Polly Scale and Aeromaster colours together, you cannot mix the
Modelmaster Acryl series with any other acrylics.

If you have good formulas for paint schemes, why not share it through these pages?
Either ones to fill in the gaps above, or for other Navies.
Mail them in to us , and we will include them here.