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Liners In Battledress
Author: David Williams

By: Shane Jenkins

This book is a fairly comprehensive look at the various liners which have been used in war service. Covering a period from the Crimean War to the late 1980's, it looks at the means that were used to camouflage these ships. Included as well are hospital ships, diplomatic ships, neutrality markings and liners used as dummy warships.
Lavishly illustrated with over 270 photographs and sketches, this book does cover a lot of ground both in the development and application of various camouflage schemes as well as various hospital and neutrality schemes. As technology improved, so did the methods of disguising a vessel from the enemy's eyes and the author makes due note of this. A very good appendix on the colours used e.g. AP507A etc. and the various camouflage schemes is included. It doesn't offer any colour profiles so you are left to interpret both text and photos yourself in relation to any particular ship.
I quite enjoyed this book, the large collection of photos alone make this book a must for liner enthusiasts. This coupled with the camouflage information and you have an excellent starting point for modelling the various "BattleDress" schemes. Although originally published by Conway it is now being reprinted by Vanwell Publishing


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